I Have To Pack? Rats!

Corporate Relocations can seem overwhelming at times as there are so many moving parts. No matter whether you’re an admin assistant or a top floor executive, everyone has a role to play to ensure your move goes smoothly. One of the easiest, yet arguably most important things that you can do is to effectively pack your contents. Today I will cover key elements related to packing your office in advance of your commercial move.

Labels, Labels, Labels!

CORE provides complimentary moving labels for use in your commercial move and it is extremely important that all of the items that you want moved are appropriately labelled. What constitutes proper labelling? Well, the label should include the name of the person as well as the destination area or office —“S. Miller 2905”, for example. When labelling a common area item, a descriptive name would also help greatly (such as “file room” or “kitchen”).

When placing the labels on the moving bins, please make sure it is on the side and can be read easily. When labelling a piece of furniture or something similar, place it on an obvious surface that will be easy to locate and read. Labels and proper labelling are key components to performing a smooth commercial move and minimizing your downtime.

What Should I Pack in My Office?

When it comes to your personal office, desk, or cubicle, the request is fairly simple. Please ensure that your personal belongings and general office contents are packed in the complementary moving bins that we drop off for you. It is important that you wrap up any breakables in bubble wrap (or something similar) and that you make sure the lids on the bins can be easily closed without putting pressure on the contents.

Contents that you might pack in the moving bins:

  • General stationary supplies
  • Personal paper files and books
  • Computer speakers
  • Pictures, toys, personal belongings
  • Anything else that is “loose” from your workstation

Things you shouldn’t pack:

  • Computer components (other than speakers)
  • Large/heavy objects that restrict the lids from closing
  • Highly valuable objects
  • Extremely fragile objects

So, Who Takes Care of The Computers Then?

This one tends to change from office to office, but generally your IT department or my IT relocation specialists will take care of the computers. We’ll unhook all of the computer components and carefully pack them into reusable computer bags and moving equipment. We will then relocate your machines into the appropriate locations and reconnect all the components so that all you have to do is walk in and turn on.

And the File Cabinets?

I almost always get asked if it’s necessary to pack the files from file cabinets, so I thought that it would be good to touch on that here. If files are left inside, moving the cabinets can be dangerous. Not only is a fully packed cabinet very heavy making it awkward and risky for the mover, it can also buckle under its own weight causing irreversible damage to the cabinet itself. We do require files to be removed from cabinets before we move them; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do it.

Our Records Management services include file packing and relocation. We’ll work closely with you to understand the requirements of your file move so that we can ensure a smooth transition to your new office and/system. Alternatively, if you would prefer to pack the files yourself, we can provide you with professional equipment to make it easy to upload and safeguard your important documents.

Can the Movers Do All the Packing?

You bet! CORE Corporate Relocations is one of the few companies that will go the extra mile and pack your moving bins for you. Although this service does come at a premium, this is the best way to ensure your packing is done in an efficient and effective manner.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to use the comment box below. Happy packing!